I used to have sections full of my thoughts and opinions. Rather than getting lost in blog posts, I thought that since these subjects may be more of a personal nature, I’d probably spend some time putting them on actual pages rather than in blog posts. These are just my thoughts, opinions, and views on some various subjects.

Thoughts about Myself

Personal Growth A look back at where I was and how I came to be.
Abuse Survivor Talking about a dark time in my life. (TW: Narc, Emotional, Physical)
The Old Web Reminiscing about my old days on the internet.
Then vs. Now Where I take excepts from old writing and compare them to now.
ADHD My Stuggles with the ADHD brain.

Thoughts about the world

Following your Passion Something we should all do.
Polarization One of the largest problems I feel we are facing as a society.
Change Is it possible to change?