D-R.Org used to house personal pictures, artwork, designs, and stuff of that nature. For awhile, it even served as an art portfolio. Although I’d really like to create a separate website for my more up-to-date artwork, saving my old art here might be fun. I think it’s great to look back on your work and chronicle how far you’ve come.

Photo Galleries

Photos of myself

Selfie Gallery Nothing wrong with appreciating yourself from time to time
Coordinates A collection of some of my favorite j-fashion outfits I’ve put together
Cosplay Just some cosplay pictures & selfies
Wedding Pics A few pictures from my wedding in 2011
Old Pictures A collection of old pictures stored in my site archives (1999-2009)

People, Places & Things

Disney World Some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken during Disney Trips
Alpaca Gallery I really love Alpacas, Here are some cuties that I’ve met.
Theme Parks Pictures from theme parks I’ve visited


Original Characters Art from my graphic novel project
Fanart Artwork from various fandoms (video games, animation & anime)
Old Art Stuff dug up from my old site archives (1999-mid 2000’s)
Art from High School & College Stuff I made in school way back in the day