December-Rain.Org was purchased in July of 2001 over 17 years ago. I was only a mere 19 years old when I bought this domain. My world and my life was much different in those times. D-R has served mostly as a personal website. I used it in the early days for blogging and writing about my life and my experiences. I had other domains, but for whatever reason, I kept this one going for quite some time and never really let the domain expire.


This place serves as a personal site and blog, akin to the days of yore when myself and many others had sites like these. I miss it. In the days where everyone is all over social media, I feel like hiding out and sharing my thoughts in word-format is akin to those times. There’s topics that I want to write about which wouldn’t suffice in a private facebook post under lockdown.

Other Info

This site is graciously hosted by my long-time internet buddy, Amy. The blog and CMS portions of the site are powered by WordPress.  Graphics and what not are made in Adobe Photoshop CC. I’m using another person’s theme at the moment until I make my own. Credit should be on the bottom of the page.

Site History

Layouts from 2001-2003 prior to moving my blog to another domain.


These are screen captures of when my domain was converted to a Shrine and Fanlisting Collective from 2006-2009. That content is now housed at Quicksilver.