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    Hello 2020, it’s me.

    I haven’t posted an entry here for a long time. I’ve found that I’ve often resorted to typing textwalls and blogs on Facebook, and it’s getting a bit wordy/annoying for people’s feeds. So it may be best to go back to blogging and write about my life and experiences here. So what’s new? Since I left my retail management position in 2018, I’ve been going along a path of discovering neurodiversity. It’s been a rough, but very necessary road to travel. Imagine living your entire life and judging yourself by a manual for an alien race. You end up wondering why you’re not able to meet the expectations of others.…

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    I visited my old store today. I mostly did it because one of the other assistant managers was opening and another person kept asking me to come and visit. So I did. I can say with full confidence that I don’t miss that life. Sometimes I really miss the people and the socializing. I wasn’t there for friends though. I was there to run a business. I suppose now that I work from home, I don’t see as many people. That said, when I do see people, it’s usually on my own terms and I can usually leave when I want to so that I don’t end up being emotionally…

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    Two Months of Freedom

    Recap: I worked for nine years at a discount variety retail chain. I began at the company as a cashier and worked my way up the ladder into store management. It was a salaried position with a requirement of 50 hours a week, 60 during 6 weeks of the holiday season. The catch was that you worked whatever the business needed and you were not eligible for overtime or any of the fun benefits given to hourly workers. In reality I was working something more like 65-70 hours many weeks. I was lucky to get out at 50 most of the time. I tried to do under whenever possible just…

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    She would’ve been 75

    Today would’ve been my mom’s 75th birthday. Sometimes she does come up in my thoughts. I try not to dwell in that head space too so much. Maybe she would’ve been proud of me for where I am in life right now. Granted, I’m not ultimately where I’d like to be. I am in a much better place, in part, because I left that environment nine years ago. Things were better, by far, when we were miles apart. I should feel something. In reality, I feel nothing. It’s probably better that way.

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    Beginning Again

    So it’s been a really long time. I used to blog almost daily. I haven’t blogged in years. I tried for a little while in 2010 on Valkyrie.nu. I also tried to run a j-fashion blog for some time but never had much success with it. For almost 8 years, my life was pretty much engulfed by my job. I’m a bit freer now to keep up with a blog. I’m also travelling more and doing interesting things that might prove to be blogworthy. December-Rain.Org used to be my personal website and blog. I figured that most of my hobby-related websites are located on Quicksilver and Mintiness, I’d turn this…