About Me

My name is Bobbi. My internet pseudonyms are tehrin, Rin, and I used my real first name on everything for a really long time. I was born in the early 80’s which apparently makes me ancient now. Currently I work in retail management, but desperately trying to get out into greener pastures. I’m also happily married. We recently bought our first house! I have a cool office and craft surrounded by cute things and it’s my happy space. Personality Typing: INFP. 9w/1.

I’ve been active online and making webpages since the late 90’s, probably about 1997 if you want to count the earliest. However, I was more serious about it in 1999 and started making personal websites, character shrines, fanlistings, forums, and what have you around that time. There was a certain thing I miss about that era that I don’t think we’ll ever see reclaimed. At any rate, I dropped off the face of the internets for awhile, well no, I didn’t. I just found myself in different interests for awhile but missed the good old webdesign days. I work as a freelance web designer for some anime conventions, but I don’t pursue it any more than a hobby these days. Honestly, being gone for awhile has made me realize how far behind I am.

Video Games:
I love Jrpgs. Namely, the Xeno series, Final Fantasy, and many others. Final Fantasy VI was my first Jrpg experience when I was 12 years old. I also really love IV, VIII, IX and X.  The Ace Attorney series is also one of my favorites as well. Sadly I’ve been so out of my element that I just haven’t been playing games like I used to.

Anime & Manga:
Most of my anime and manga favorites are older. I love Revolutionary Girl Utena, Serial Experiments Lain, Tenchi Muyo, and Digi Charat. I think my all-time favorite manga that I’ve read is probably MARS.

Movies and TV
I love animation, particularly Disney and Pixar. The Lion King is my all-time favorite movie hands down. I really love all the movies from the Disney Renaissance but I’ve also really enjoyed the Disney and Pixar movies as of late. I love Star Trek, particularly DS9. I’m not as fond of the original series or the older films although I’ve watched everything there is to watch. I also really love the X-Files.

Other Stuff
I love animals but I don’t have any pets right now. I’m especially obsessed with Alpacas, goats, and sheep. I blame Japanese Alpacasso on my alpaca obsession which turned to real alpacas, and then to goats and sheep because they’re adorable. I’m more of a cat person but I love dogs just the same. I also really love big cats like tigers.

I love to draw and write. I usually end up drawing and writing fanfiction but I do have original projects. I make jewelry and crafts and often will do artist alley at various conventions for extra hobby money.

I used to be heavily involved with cosplay, but then I got into lolita fashion and it became a downward spiral until I found myself surrounded by far too many frilly dresses and goofy huge bows and bonnets everywhere. Don’t laugh, send help.